Consolidate IT infrastructure assets for improved efficiency, redundancy, high availability and value.

Project Leadership can help your organization create a more flexible and efficient virtual desktop infrastructure by consolidating multiple servers that run at non-optimum levels into one. Our focus is on helping you maximize ROI and cost savings across your entire enterprise by providing an integrated, end-to-end virtualized infrastructure.

We understand that effective application virtualization requires a central system to track physical and virtual elements. Our virtualization services are designed to allow you to pinpoint where virtualization management products reside since they are no longer tied to a single location, and easily allocate the right resources to the right people. We also focus on using server virtualization products that span the desktop to the data center so you can streamline provision applications, services and data on-demand, bring capacity online in real-time, accelerate backup and recovery, and enhance availability so that your users are protected against system failure and service interruptions.


  • Gain more value from existing IT assets.
  • Conserve rack space while reducing costs.
  • Reduce cable plant, switch port utilization, cooling requirements and power usage
  • Gain improved flexibility in developing and deploying new environments.
  • Improve response time to outages and disaster recovery preparedness.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Virtualization Services, please email PLA or call 877-752-0451.

Partners: EMC, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix