Integrate and unify different communication mediums such as phone, video, email and voicemail into the applications used by your employees' everyday regardless of their location with unified communication business.

Project Leadership, a leader among Office Unified Communications, can help your organization consolidate all its communications mediums and integrate them into the core business applications your employees' use every day. The goal is to provide your employees the ability to "click to communicate" which means that they can seamlessly launch or receive a phone call, instant message, video conference, or even check voicemail without leaving the application(s) they are working in. Our infrastructure and voice consultants will be able to help you realize this heightened level of communication, collaboration and efficiency by planning and implementing the best software programs and secure gateways that allow these disparate communications systems to integrate leveraging the investments you have today.

Project Leadership focuses on delivering new value to the systems that you have today and increasing the usage within your organization. A true Unified Communication Business solution is much more than voice services. It is a solution that eliminates the silos of communication devices and vendors found in our customers today. It consolidates these solutions, allowing your employees to react quickly to a business or customer need without wasted time deciding what device or application to use.


  • Improve communication and collaboration for greater work efficiency.
  • Add new communication functionalities without replacing your current platforms.
  • Improve utilization of video conferencing, by bringing ad-hoc video conferencing to every desktop.
  • Eliminate communication barriers that exist between different geographic locations.
  • Increase mobility, convenience and usability for all staff members in the office or on the road.


  • Microsoft Lync Jumpstart: Microsoft Lync ushers in a new connected experience, transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging and accessible from anywhere. Our Lync Jumpstarts can include: 1. Instant Messaging and Presence, 2. Instant Messaging, Presence and Conferencing, or 3. Instant Messaging, Presence, Conferencing and Enterprise Voice.
  • Microsoft Office 365: PLA has developed an approach to help organizations analyze the business and financial benefits of moving to online services.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Unified Communication Service, please email Gordon Dunkley or call 312-441-1952.

Markets Served: National availability with service hubs in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Indianapolis.

Partners: EMC, Xiotech, Microsoft, Citrix, Sepaton, Cisco