Integrate improved security for a new or existing IT infrastructure through simplified deployment, management and analysis.

Securing your organization's IT infrastructure can unnecessarily complicate and confuse deployment, management and analysis processes that can delay the securing of your servers, desktops, email, and other key infrastructure devices and software. Utilizing Project Leadership's IT security experience, your organization can integrate new security solutions or apply modifications to an existing security network including architecting and deploying more efficient firewalls, enabling secure remote access and implementing a more secure network authentication process.


  • Microsoft Infrastructure Security: As a Microsoft partner with gold and silver competencies, we will design, position and maintain all the aspects of securing your infrastructure beginning with a security assessment of your Windows Server and desktop, email, mobile, SharePoint, Group Policy, patch management, Forefront Client Security and other key Microsoft infrastructure devices and software.
  • Core Infrastructure Security: Our security experts will architect, deploy and manage the appropriate firewall for your infrastructure to perform tasks such as vulnerability scanning, analysis and reporting and ensure your infrastructure is and remains secure.
  • Secure Remote Access: Project Leadership enables your entire organization to utilize wireless and SSL VPN remote access solutions to provide safe and consistent remote access to corporate information resources.
  • Identity Management and Authentication: Develop a security system to ensure secure network authentication through single sign-on, identity management and two-factor authentication solutions.


  • Secure corporate information assets.
  • Integrate security solutions for simplified management and reporting.
  • Streamline secure access to corporate information resources.
  • Simplify deployment, management and analysis processes.
  • Leverage our experienced professionals to benefit your organization.