Reduce risk and timeliness of litigation and related discovery through an optimized business record management service.

Project Leadership, a leader among Records Management Companies, specializes in helping organizations develop practical, enterprise-wide records management solutions and policies to comply with regulatory and industry requirements (e.g., SOX, HIPAA, GLB and new Federal Rules of Civil Disclosure). Our Records Management Services include strategy development with supporting records policy, retention schedules, records processes and procedures. These are structured to work with your resources and technology to facilitate compliance with your records requirements.

Project Leadership helps you develop your company's records strategy through our specialized issues based approach that delivers a targeted, thorough and comprehensive policy and records retention schedule. Project Leadership can assist you to develop your records retention procedures and help define organizational requirements. We help you define and select appropriate document and records technology solutions to assist in ease of use and compliance with. Your company needs to understand how records are identified, classified, archived, preserved, and destroyed. Project Leadership helps you develop a practical approach-as well as determine your company's readiness.


  • Current State Assessment: Project Leadership conducts a series of information gathering sessions to understand your current state records management environment and practices; identify gaps; and establish a framework for the future state records management environment.
  • Physical Records Baseline Inventory and Compression Model: Project Leadership develops a baseline profile of the current state physical records environment and a flexible compression projection model.
  • Records Management Program Strategy (Multi-Year Plan and Scope): Project Leadership works with you to develop a detailed strategy, program road map and implementation plan that reflects desired records management goals, with key records projects prioritized over a multi-year schedule.
  • Records Policy and Retention Schedules: Project Leadership develops comprehensive business records management policies and records retention schedules, using an experience-based issues approach, to ensure the consistent management and governance of records and information throughout the information management life cycle.
  • Records Organization Alignment: Project Leadership designs and implements information and records management organization structures aligned to support your firm's/company's strategic and operational records management needs with responsibility for both physical and electronic records.
  • Operational Framework and Procedures: Project Leadership works with you to develop an operational framework with which all records staff work and perform records management tasks. All core procedures are identified and developed, aligning with the capabilities of the records policy and records and document management technologies.
  • Records Management Technology and Applications System Selection, Planning and Implementation: Project Leadership leverages its deep knowledge and experience with document, physical and electronic records management tools to help you define requirements, select and implement the appropriate document and records management systems and solution sets for your organization.
  • RM Policy/Program Implementation Readiness: Project Leadership assists in developing the optimal records policy roll-out scenario based on your company's maturity model, culture and timing. Project Leadership expertise can greatly assist in records management marketing, training and support programs that are critical to a successful introduction of a new records management policy, initiative or overall program.


  • Improve access and control of both physical and electronic records.
  • Improve adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Minimize risks and improve litigation and discovery cost avoidance.
  • Improve the speed of discovery and reduce costs.
  • Reduce physical and electronic records storage and retention costs.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Records and Information Management services, please email PLA or call 312.441.0077.

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