Streamline financial planning and annual budgeting efforts with a collaborative, easily understood tool.

Many organizations have found that neither stand-alone spreadsheets nor rigid ERP packages provide them with the rigor and flexibility that their financial planning and annual budgeting processes require. Project Leadership works with clients by providing financial planning advice that will optimize their planning and budgeting processes, from both a process improvement perspective as well as leveraging the right technology. Financial planning consultants combine financial experience with technical depth to ensure projects move successfully from process analysis through implementation and deployment. Project Leadership understands how to leverage the capabilities of leading tools in both traditional and software-as-a-service (SaaS) modes.


  • Improve efficiency of annual budgeting and planning projects with your financial planning advisors.
  • Eliminate errors associated with manual work on stand-alone spreadsheets.
  • Improve collaboration among planning staff.
  • Integrate plans and budgets with data/reports from budget planning software such business intelligence product suites.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Planning & Budgeting services, please email Kevin O'Connor or call 312-441-0077.