Build and manage a solid core infrastructure to support all of your business functions with our network integration service.

Based on a proven delivery model for networking, Project Leadership Computer Network Integration Services can help ensure your network's ability to provide the level of availability and performance your business requires. This Network Integration Service can help you tailor network design to respond to changing business requirements; implement complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations; improve network availability and performance; manage costs; simplify project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules' and reduce the risks associated with making changes to the network.

Our Network Integration Solutions ensure that your company's network delivers the performance your business relies on. Project Leadership understands that networks must be flexible and tailored to meet your needs. Through our comprehensive range of services and in-depth networking expertise, we keep organizations connected and communicating - through their networks.


  • Network Infrastructure: Implement a unified technology core with servers, LAN/WAN, and system back-ups.
  • Desktop Design & Deployment: Centrally deploy and manage a uniform desktop image covering operating systems, applications, security and remote connectivity.


  • Improve business operations with a solid technology core.
  • Centralize management and delivery of applications and updates.
  • Maintain standardization across your technology environment.
  • Improve disaster recovery plan preparedness.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Network Integration Services, please email Tom Petrou or call 312-441-0077.