Established mid-sized and enterprise businesses must deal with an expanse of ever changing market dynamics and pressures.

And in a tightening global economy, the stakes are getting even higher as competition for clients, customers, and employees increases. When combined with shareholders who are growing less patient by the day for even the smallest miscue, effectively managing a company for growth and stability has never been more challenging.

But with well defined strategies, integrated technologies, and decisive program execution; your business has the potential to be one of the few companies that re-define the parameters of success in your industry. That's why, over our 10 years of operations, Project Leadership has proven itself to be a firm that not only understands the challenges of mid-sized and enterprise businesses, but one that delivers results for our clients under even the most challenging of business situations.

We understand that a business strategy or technology tool is only worth your while if it is properly implemented and utilized. That's why we approach every project with a philosophy that effectively delivers leadership and results through every point between strategy, execution and analysis. Our firm represents a rare combination of experienced consultants that understand and can seamlessly offer both business and technology solutions that cover a broad set of categories and deliver value to every level of employee. At Project Leadership, our work is never done until we deliver a measurable, substantive change in your business and to your bottom line.

PLA ™ Strategy & Execution

Strategy and Execution
To help fill the gap that often exists between a company's strategy and what actually happens day-to day, you need a comprehensive plan that allows for seamless execution to turn a company's vision into reality.


PLA ™ Business Operations

Business Operations
The better your organization is able to combine best-in-class and enterprise wide strategies, processes and technologies with highly qualified and trained people; the more effective you will be able to operate.


PLA ™ Applications

Making the right application choice is just the beginning because the full value of any software tool can only be derived through effective implementation, management and customization to meet your specific business needs.


PLA ™ Infrastructure

Maintaining a robust and unshakeable technology infrastructure is an important backbone of every business organization. Equally as important is making sure that this infrastructure is effectively optimized for peak performance, management and security.