Provide your employees with a secure, highly-available and scalable messaging solution platform.

Over the last ten years, email has become one of the most mission critical applications within an organization. Most employees spend most of their day within their local messaging platform or a mobile messaging solution to correspond with other employees, customers and business partners. Project Leadership has a long history of migrating, designing and implementing complex Microsoft Exchange, mobile and archive solutions. Key to our success is our deep understanding of directory services, mail routing and email records management. This understanding provides us with a competitive advantage to help customers migrate from third party messaging platforms like Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes or help customers consolidate messaging platforms between merging organizations. PLA has vast experience helping customers with their Lotus Notes migration or Novell GroupWise migration to Microsoft Exchange leveraging Quest migration tools.

Project Leadership helps our customers evaluate the use of online multi-tenant messaging solutions, dedicated hosted cloud messaging, or on-premise solutions to allow your organization to focus on running your business not your messaging platform. We believe that a messaging solution is more than just an email server. Messaging services include archiving solutions for long term records management or ease of e-discovery in litigation situations, message hygiene, mobility and management, monitoring and messaging security solutions.


  • Provide your organization with a secure, highly-available and scalable messaging platform.
  • Give your organization a holistic messaging solution, not just an email server.
  • Help your organization reduce cost or complexity of your messaging solutions.
  • Leverage our deep expertise in messaging mergers and migrations from third party platforms.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Messaging and Migrations Services, please email Gordon Dunkley or call 312-441-1952.

Partners: Microsoft, Quest Software, BinaryTree, Iron Mountain