Project Leadership has helped numerous manufacturing and distribution firms respond to challenges by planning and deploying a number of information technology and business intelligence solutions.

Competition is brutal in manufacturing, as firms must contend with globalization, complex supply chains, and shifting customer preferences.

Based on years of knowledge and experience we have developed best practices that are used to guide our clients through the process of selecting the best information systems solutions to meet their needs today and in the future. We can help these clients develop a technology strategy, determine the best hardware and software for their needs, and implement a system that will help achieve their business goals.

Most manufacturers and distributors have only recently stabilized the enterprise resource planning systems that took them years to implement. Unfortunately, the built-in analytical and reporting capabilities of these systems often do not satisfy the information needs of an increasingly savvy user community. In addition, most manufacturers still have non-ERP applications in place that are responsible for core elements of their operation. Consolidating data from these systems, streamlining business processes and making the information accessible to employees, customers and key vendors is critical to our clients overall success.

Project Leadership takes a holistic approach by combining ERP data with other information systems to meet the needs of today's manufacturing and distribution firms. Our industry depth means we don't sacrifice speed to achieve a comprehensive information systems solution that utilizes data from all your critical business systems.