Improve litigation efficiencies utilizing software applications to support case management, evidence tracking, analysis and firm/department collaboration, trial preparation and transcript management.

Project Leadership, a litigation support company can help your organization implement or better utilize Litigation Support software including, Summation, Concordance, Trial Director, Sanction, LiveNote and more. When a new system is needed, our team of legal experts can perform system requirements analysis, recommend the appropriate electronic discovery (ediscovery) software, design an efficient integration process, and implement the program to improve overall productivity and increase team collaboration. For organizations with existing systems, our ediscovery software experts and Certified Trainers can create custom programs to make sure your attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and ability to achieve optimum utilization of all the functions. Utilize the knowledge of our software experts to assist with migrating transcripts, manipulating images, working with production sets, importing documents, building case-specific databases, as well as retrieving and reviewing evidence using software like Summation and Concordance.


  • Strategy: Evaluate your law firm or legal department litigation support needs and participate in software demonstrations to help your organization find the right litigation management software to match your skill sets.
  • Training: Our Certified Trainers offer fully customizable and scalable training programs to fit your law firm or legal department requirements, schedules and budgets.
  • Software Supported: Being a litigation support company, we allow you to select the appropriate software to meet your business needs. We offer expertise in deploying, configuring, and maintaining Summation, Concordance, Trial Director, Sanction, LiveNote, and CaseMap.


  • Improve utilization of your litigation software to increase team collaboration and overall productivity.
  • Gain a higher return on investment from your litigation software.
  • Make it easier for employees to store, access, and retrieve information in electronic form.
  • Enable case teams to access information from a centralized database.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Litigation Software Services, please email Bruce Malter or call 312-441-0077.

Partners: Summation, Concordance, Trial Director, Sanction, LiveNote, CaseMap