Design and implement local and wide-area networks optimized for wireless access, acceleration and load balancing.

Project Leadership can help your organization design, deploy, manage and maintain your LAN/WAN and wireless networks for improved wireless access and system availability. Implementing a solid infrastructure around your switches and routers will help your business achieve optimum connectivity to all servers, desktops and offices. You will also be able to greatly improve business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities for your entire organization.


  • LAN/WAN Architecture & Deployment: Architect and deploy the best LAN/WAN business solution to meet the needs of single and multi-office locations for maximized connectivity, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Network Load Balancing: Utilize professional devices to help balance business loads across multiple parts of web or application services so no single piece of equipment is ever overloaded.
  • Wireless Architecture & Deployment: Architect and strategize implementation plans for wireless network solutions, both internal and external to client environment.
  • WAN Acceleration: Accelerate and optimize data transfers across the wide area network by implementing best practices in device usage.


  • Improve efficiency of LAN/WAN infrastructures.
  • Optimize your network speed, security, stability and customer experience.
  • Increase convenience and productivity by extending wireless networks.
  • Improve disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Enhance connectivity to all servers and desktops from disparate geographies and co-locations.