Improve intellectual capital, client service, productivity and speed of delivery through effective access and reuse of institutional knowledge and expertise.

Project Leadership can help your organization develop and execute its strategy to capture, search and reuse intellectual capital. Whether it is client intellectual property, internal market research, specialist information or client work output and deliverables, we can help you improve efficiencies, increase the speed of delivery and provide superior value to your clients.

Structuring, storing, searching, finding and reusing intellectual assets is key to managing internal knowledge such as client work, research, benchmarks, brand information, methodologies, news, plans, work papers, analysis and other intelligence. Project Leadership's expertise in knowledge management, business and technology planning and execution services can help you achieve this strategic goal.


  • Strategy: We will work with organizations to understand their existing knowledge management strategy, people, processes and technology. We identify business and knowledge management goals, and then assist in developing priorities and a knowledge management roadmap.
  • Assessment and Recommendations: We evaluate the organization's requirements, current state and identify what gaps need to be filled to achieve their knowledge management goals. We advise our clients on strategy, structure, processes, organization and technology direction and provide recommendations and propose an execution plan to get to the finish line.
  • Technology Requirements Definition, Solution Selection and Implementation: We leverage our deep technology heritage to identify requirements and specific technology solutions to meet your organization's needs. We can help you implement and integrate this technology to take advantage of diverse content repositories, including email. Our technology solutions span knowledge management capture tools, enterprise search and related solution sets to maximize knowledge structure, capture, search, find and reuse activities.


  • Improve value through better answers based on enterprise experience.
  • Improve reuse and information sharing of documents, ideas and data.
  • Improve client service.
  • Improve speed through faster delivery.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity through reuse.
  • Utilize information assets using new, powerful methods to find what you're looking for.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Knowledge Management services, please email us.