While most businesses view information technology as a cost center and a "keep the lights on" function, IT is truly a strategic asset that can help businesses generate significant profitability. Our IT Strategy process shows how IT can help your business reduce costs and increase revenue. Often our clients tell us that implementing just one of our recommendations pays for itself several times over.Our process helps businesses understand the differences between "information" and "technology", and where they intersect. We document it all in a method that your CIO can own and maintain going forward.

"Project Leadership gave me a real, documented strategy that I could actually go do something with and helped me approve the plan with my businesses management team. I couldn't have been successful without it."

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  • IT Strategy Development, Execution Planning and Roadmapping. Leverage Project Leadership's approach to clearly define which potential IT initiatives best support your strategy and deliver value. We help clients to align technology to the business through proper governance, decision making, planning and execution planning. Our unique approach focuses on increasing clarity of vision, reducing uncertainty to improve decision making and driving alignment around priorities to set the table for effective and efficient technology execution.
  • IT Strategy Execution. Having a good strategy is important, being able to execute is where the value of the strategy is won or lost. We help clients bridge the gap between IT strategy development and the day to day activities that define success and deliver value. We provide processes and tools to enable more efficient execution on key initiatives and better results/credibility for IT.
  • Technology Innovation. Companies that live with change often must consider how to update or innovate all of portions of their business model. Technology often serves as an enabler to success. We offer a structured approach to assessing effectiveness and transforming key areas of a business to meet and exceed current and future customer requirements, maximize earnings, and create a competitive, or even disruptive, advantage in the marketplace through technology.
  • IT Assessment and Alignment. Leverage Project Leadership's deep IT expertise to evaluate your IT environment (applications, infrastructure, IT support processes) and make recommendations aimed towards maximizing the return on your IT investment. We apply a maturity model approach and then help organizations determine where they are, where they want to be – and most importantly, how to get there.
  • Solution Selection. Leverage Project Leadership's senior-level experience evaluating and selecting software applications that support a variety of business areas.
  • IT Merger Playbooks. Leverage our business and technology merger expertise by utilizing this in-depth merger and acquisition analysis toolset to identify untapped opportunities from past deals and improve your organization's competence on merging IT functions in future transactions.
  • IT Organization Design and Culture Transformation. IT organizations need to periodically evaluate their organization structures in light of changes in processes, technology or other business requirements. We help enterprises transform IT into flexible and agile organizations to achieve strategic objectives and create and sustain value over the long-term.
  • CIO and IT Dashboards. A major contributing factor toward successful execution lies in top-level visibility, measurement, and reporting of true progress on key IT initiatives. Project Leadership has developed a process that streamlines the collection of key data points and presents critical information to enable proactive and efficient management of your IT organization.
    Interim and Virtual CIO Services. Acquire and leverage expertise in form of a virtual CIO or interim CIO to handle high-level strategy and planning for all your IT needs.
  • Business Process Redesign. Business units of all types have core processes that must deliver the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. We can work with you to analyze and redesign your existing business processes, or help you design new ones, to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance and apply technology to make it hum.
  • Portfolio and Program Management. As organizations grow, the need to better coordinate a broad set of interdependent technology initiatives becomes essential to their overall success. We help organizations acquire and view information about all IT projects, and sort and prioritize each project according to certain criteria, such as strategic value, impact on resources, cost, etc.
  • Program/Project Management. Provides senior-level resources to lead strategic technology projects or programs.
  • PMO Design and Implementation. Designs a new Project Management Office (PMO) or assesses existing PMOs.
  • PM Augmentation and Mentoring/Coaching. Provides coaching and mentoring services for Project Managers. PLA helps our clients analyze and lead efforts to turn around troubled projects. PLA provides process facilitation and project management workshops.


  • Targeted IT strategy that is most appropriate for your business strategy and goals addressing the addition of services and products, geographic growth, acquisitions, divestitures and more
  • Collaborative process between you the CIO and Project Leadership
  • Assessment of what other businesses are doing with technology, application systems, organization, processes and best practices
  • IT staffing assessment that supports the business strategy
  • Catered governance method with IT continually aligned with the business
  • Review of key gaps in executing the IT strategy and methods to accomplish them
  • Assessment of revenue-generating opportunities
  • Assessment of cost-saving opportunities

If you're interested in learning more about Project Leadership's IT Strategy and CIO services, please contact us at info@projectleadership.net or 312-441-0077