Consolidate, centralize and manage content for improved communication and collaboration internally with Microsoft Sharepoint solutions.

Project Leadership, a recognized leader in Microsoft Sharepoint, can help your business create customized and reliable intranets and extranets that act as central repositories for all of your business data while providing users with a single access point to retrieve, edit, or transfer documents, files and relevant content. From strategy and planning to implementation and testing, our Microsoft technical specialists will ensure your enterprise information is properly stored, organized, and accessible by all authorized users from any location.

Our goal is to help you leverage SharePoint as a portal to improve communication and collaboration between internal staff and external clients or partners; reduce the visible complexity of business information; provide secure, authorized access to data from disparate systems; and supply collaboration space for project and business processes.


  • Allow teams to be more project and process oriented.
  • Pull data together from disparate locations to enable user access from a single point.
  • Provides tools for workflow, approvals and life cycle management.
  • Eliminate out of date or irrelevant emails.
  • Deliver the right information to the right people in a secure and timely manner.