Project Leadership Associates (PLA) was founded in 1998. The vision was to create a company that focused on offering a wide range of technology services to mid-market clients while staffing each account with senior level consultants who actually managed projects. The goal was to ensure that every engagement had significant senior leadership so projects could be completed with greater efficiency and better client service. With this idea, "Project Leadership" found its name.

Project Leadership Associates launched by initially offering Network Integration services targeted at mid-market companies. With a detailed focus on client service and delivering measurable business returns for each client, success came quickly for PLA as it turned a profit in its first year of operation. A year later, PLA launched its Software Development practice to add a new dimension of customization to its offerings. And, as the company continued to grow each year, it began exploring strategic acquisitions to add to its service base.

In 2001, Intellinet Technology Consulting became the first of these strategic purchases, allowing Project Leadership to expand its service offerings to small businesses in addition to the mid-market companies it currently worked with. Also in 2001, Project Leadership launched its Management Consulting practice in order to offer detailed technology planning and strategy services to complement its strong technology implementation services. A few years later, PLA purchased CMIS Consulting to provide EDI services as a complement to its growing software development practice.

Office expansion quickly followed PLA's service growth with the launch of new locations in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. This office growth was followed by the purchase of Nexus Consulting in 2005 to allow PLA to expand into the Business Intelligence space. Shortly after, PLA's growth rate began to pace at 276 percent, making it one of the fastest growing technology consulting firms in the country.

In 2007, PLA purchased Fourth Floor Consulting in order to make an additional and significant expansion of its services into the business consulting field. Now, unlike just about any other firm outside of the major names in the industry like Accenture and Bearing Point, PLA had the unique ability to provide clients with comprehensive business and technology consulting services that span from strategy to execution and analysis.

In August 2012, PLA acquired Vital Networks, a provider of outsourced IT solutions and managed services with offices with offices in Sacramento, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle. This marked a significant milestone in PLA’s successful history as the company celebrated its fourteen-year anniversary.

PLA has developed a unique corporate culture where employees maintain a close knit atmosphere and take a personal stake in the company's performance as shareholders. PLA has been able to remain profitable every year since its founding and its relationship and trust level with its clients has created a multitude of long lasting and positively impactful business relationships.

As PLA continues to grow into its second decade of operations, its focus has and will always remain on delivering significant value and high quality service to its clients, while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie among its employees.