Deploy and manage your desktop and server infrastructure with the best of breed solutions in a cost effective manner.

Project Leadership, can help your organization successfully deploy and manage your entire desktop and server infrastructure leveraging best of breed technology and guidance. Technology is always changing, which makes it imperative to ensure that all your desktops, servers and applications are consistently monitored and updated to maintain maximum efficiency. Through our Enterprise Desktop & Server Services we will work with you to understand the types of hardware, processes, systems, applications, and security protocols that are used or needed in your organization. We will take a critical look at how these elements impact end users and technology requirements. This allows us to recommend and implement the most appropriate processes and systems that allow for efficient enterprise server management, application update delivery, image standardization and deployment automation across enterprise wide desktops and servers. With this combined business and technology analysis and review, we are able to provide our clients with a more unified system that delivers greater long-term value and cost savings.


  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS): Create a comprehensive operating system deployment plan that includes analysis, business case, process, and technical procedures to reduce the amount of time required to install a stable Enterprise Desktop environment. This including the deployment of Office and the Operating System platform leveraging zero touch deployment.
  • Application Compatibility Engagement Program (ACE): Assess potential compatibility problems with Windows 7/8 and your current application portfolio, while making recommendations on remediation projects and approaches with the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit.
  • Application Management & Delivery Systems: Implement a solution to effectively deliver and maintain business applications and programs on servers and desktops.
  • Image Development & Deployment: Development of a standard legal desktop or server image that can be deployed with a lite touch deployment and managed across multiple hardware platforms, locations and languages.
  • Systems Management: Implement a virtual desktop infrastructure that will streamline the deployment and ongoing maintenance of both the server and desktop environments.
  • Infrastructure Assessment: Help assess and determine the best desktop authority and server solutions to meet the requirements of your organization.


  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increase stability and security.
  • Lower total cost of hardware ownership.
  • Make upgrading easier across all subsystems.
  • Stabilize environment for higher customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Enterprise Desktop Management & Server Solutions, please email Gordon Dunkley or call 877.752.0451.

Partners: Microsoft, Citrix