Reduce litigation risk while improving search and retrieval, speed and efficiency with our enterprise content management services.

Project Leadership, a leading document management company, can help your organization define an electronic content management strategy; map, migrate and manage your documents, electronic mail and all content through a central repository; to provide maximized access and control from creation to destruction. We understand that every business is unique, so we work with you to create an Enterprise Content Management Solution specifically designed and tailored to your business needs. We help you with an Enterprise Content Management Strategy to develop your document management requirements, assist you in selecting the right technology to support those needs to optimize the ease of searching, finding, and accessing documents that you need when you need them. Whether you have an existing solution set and need to make improvements, or you need help to develop a new records and information management solution set, Project Leadership offers deep experience to help you leverage an electronic content/document management strategy leveraging new or existing technology.


  • Electronic Content/Document Management Strategy and Planning: Our document management services help you to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap that takes into account your enterprise content management needs, records management requirements as well as litigation readiness and preparedness needs to architect the appropriate direction for your organization.
  • Technology Requirements Definition and Solution Selection: Project Leadership helps you define your internal and external document management requirements to select the software solution that best fits your needs, and performs market analysis to map all of the top document/electronic management systems to help you define and evaluate a super-set of solutions that might fit.
  • Electronic Content/Document Management Solution Planning and Implementation: Project Leadership can help with implementing document management and customize 3rd party software to help you develop your content map so that you build the right search and retrieval architecture for your organization.
  • Collaboration and Document Sharing Solution Development: Project Leadership can help you define the right collaborative document management and cooperative publishing system as required by your clients and customers-either on an enterprise, project or matter basis.
  • Intranet/Extranet Content Management Development: Project Leadership can help you select the appropriate enterprise document management solution, or through its deep resource set, can help you custom develop a platform that is open and flexible, yet, positions you to construct barriers to entry/exit for your clients and customers.


  • Effectively manage documents throughout the entire enterprise, project and matter life cycle.
  • Retain, protect, and restrict access to important documents.
  • Ease and speed search and retrieval for your critical content and document assets.
  • Improve client service delivery and satisfaction through better document and content reuse.
  • Reduce business risk by facilitating more consistent document and enterprise content retention.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Enterprise Content/Document Management services, please email Gaurav Issar or call 312-441-1284.

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