Visualize key performance indicators in a customized business intelligence dashboard to quickly assess your overall business performance management plan.

Organizations often deal with key performance metrics from one of two extremes: not collecting them at all or trying to measure too many things. Neither approach provides the visibility into actual performance that executives require in assessing how well their strategy is meeting the mark. Project Leadership helps companies find the right balance by implementing key performance indicators (KPI) dashboards and management scorecards that are populated with meaningful metrics into performance management systems. We work with our clients to help them define the right metrics, design effective balanced scorecards and dashboards, and efficiently populate them with data from existing systems.


  • Improve key performance indicator tracking through a simpler visual interface.
  • Allow managers to spend more time on strategy than data collection.
  • Reduce human error by limiting manual tasks.
  • Help employees visualize and support new strategies.
  • Better understand cause and effect across multiple departments and chains of command.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Dashboards and Scorecard Services, please email Kevin O'Connor or call 312-441-0077.