Integrate communications and alerts into your business processes to remove human latency, improve customer service and streamline process workflows.

Project Leadership can help your organization integrate communications into your business processes for improved efficiency. By helping you analyze your enterprise processes, our team of experienced consultants can identify how different technology solutions can be utilized to streamline all related steps while providing advanced alerts and launching critical communications that reduce human latency. Coupled with our Microsoft Unified Communications solutions, this includes automating email, IM and phone notifications to provide a longer window of advanced notice on required actions and providing an integrated response mechanism for immediate follow-up or action. Communication Enabled Business Applications can provide your organization with a new level of maturity and customer service to provide your business with a unique, innovative competitive advantage.

Our team can also help you plan, develop and implement comprehensive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to improve service accessibility and customer service. Using the same Microsoft Unified Communications solutions we can provide this interactive voice response services at a reduced cost and eliminate expensive, hard to support legacy IVR solutions.


  • Streamline business processes by providing your organization with integrated communication tools.
  • Reduce human latency and improve response rates to your customers and business partners.
  • Modernize or remove older, expensive IVR systems.
  • Provide new mediums, like Instant Messaging for your employees to search and lookup unstructured data like customer or inventory information.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Communication Enabled Applications, please email Gordon Dunkley or call 312-441-1952.