Many companies suffer from the giant gap between the vision of the leadership team and what happens day-to-day in order to execute on strategy. Into that gap tumble millions of dollars in wasted effort, inefficiency and missed opportunities. We believe this strategy execution gap is the single largest source of under-performance as well as the best target for improving shareholder returns.

Enter Project Leadership. Our Strategy & Innovation solutions help leadership teams crystallize their strategy and execute with 100% alignment, speed and confidence. You can improve performance by focusing on alignment, accountability and action with Project Leadership.

"You pushed us and helped us eliminate the gray areas in the strategy that would have cost us millions."

GM of a $4 billion Consumer Packaged Goods company


  • Strategy Development and Execution Planning. Many companies find strategy development challenging because of the level of uncertainty around the future of their business. We help clients utilize market and competitor data to set a compelling vision and strategy to win in the marketplace. Our unique approach focuses on increasing clarity of vision, reducing uncertainty to improve decision making and driving alignment around priorities to set the table for effective and efficient execution.
  • Business Strategy Execution. Having a good strategy is important, being able to execute is where the value of the strategy is won or lost. We help clients bridge the gap between strategy development and the day to day activities that define success and deliver value.
    Business Model Innovation. Companies that live with change often must consider how to update or innovate all of portions of their business model. We offer a structured approach to assessing effectiveness and transforming key areas of a business to meet and exceed current and future customer requirements, maximize earnings, and create a competitive, or even disruptive, advantage in the marketplace.
  • Sales Effectiveness. Maximizing organic growth opportunities requires an optimal approach to acquiring, retaining and growing customer accounts. We help our clients develop and implement sales strategies to reach the right customer targets. We then help our clients operationalize these strategies through their organization, tools, information and skills.
  • Market and Competitive Assessment. Having robust data and analysis of market opportunities and competitors provides a strong foundation for effective strategy development and execution. We help companies develop insights into existing and prospective customer needs and behaviors that can be translated into top line growth. Competitor analysis considers both existing and future landscapes and the offensive, defensive and neutral moves that should be considered to capture or protect market share.
  • Enterprise and Line of Business Operations Review. Enterprise and line of business operational needs change due to client and internal operations evolution. What was optimized and efficient yesterday, may not be today. We help our clients review their operations, starting with strategy, and including process, organization and technology, to re-engineer all or part of the business operations.
  • Organization Design and Culture Transformation. Companies and business units need to periodically evaluate their organization structures in light of changes in processes, technology or other business requirements. We help enterprises transform into flexible and agile organizations to achieve strategic objectives and create and sustain value over the long-term.
    Business Process Redesign. Business units of all types have core processes that must deliver the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. We can work with you to analyze and redesign your existing business processes, or help you design new ones, to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance and apply technology to make it hum.
  • Portfolio/Program Management. As organizations grow, the need to better coordinate a broad set of interdependent initiatives becomes essential to their overall success. We help organizations acquire and view information about all projects, and sort and prioritize each project according to certain criteria, such as strategic value, impact on resources, cost, etc.
  • M&A Strategy and Readiness. Investment bankers often devise an acquisition target short-list and leave the organization to decide the right fit. We help our clients determine the best possible fit to drive the right strategic growth opportunities (geographic expansion, enhanced market share, new capabilities etc.) by evaluating targets against well-defined criteria that are aligned with the client’s desired future state. Once an organization’s M&A strategy has been determined, it is crucial to assess its readiness to absorb “specific” targets. The service helps evaluate the level of readiness across multiple dimensions including: leadership, infrastructure, resources, culture, capital structure etc. Once specific gaps are identified, we develop plans to address these as appropriate.
  • Merger Planning and Post-Merger Integration. Many companies consider M&A to be a key component of their growth strategy. Most of these know that a successful integration is the key to realizing value, but also know that this is often where many companies fail. The ability to execute a multitude of tasks to combine two entities requires sound business understanding, superior execution skills and deep functional knowledge. Integration execution can make or break a deal and one has to pay careful attention to factors such as extent of integration, speed of integration, risk management, and cultural aspects that will help preserve or enhance value of the deal.
  • Accelerated Integration Planning. Leverage our proven approach to avoid common stumbling blocks and attain deal value fast.
  • Post-Deal Reviews and Playbook Development. Utilize this in-depth merger and acquisition analysis tool to identify untapped opportunities from past deals and improve your organization's competence on future transactions.
  • Acquisition Pipeline Management. Good integrations start with good deals. Project Leadership can help you define a controlled process for evaluating acquisition, JV and partnership opportunities. We have a collaborative tool based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform that keeps all of your resources coordinated on the most strategic deals.
  • M&A Organization Due Diligence. Once the target has been identified, historically organizations tend to focus on financial and legal aspects of due diligence wanting to minimize risk and liability in general. In today’s complex business environment, inadequate attention to factors like Intellectual Property, Culture, IT, management, contracts, vendors-suppliers, etc. can all undermine the deal value. We help our clients look at due diligence more holistically to uncover synergies and risks not identified in standard due diligence efforts.


  • Achieve clear management consensus on business execution strategy and direction.
  • Improve communication with and buy-in from employees.
  • Enhance ability to react more quickly to changing market conditions during execution.
  • Improve financial and business performance in the most strategic areas of the business.
  • Increase leverage and productivity from senior leaders and managers.
  • Improve speed and reliability of decision-making and prioritization at all levels.
  • Increase clarity and accountability related to performance for individuals and teams.

If you're interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Strategy & Innovation Services, please contact PLA at info@placorp.com or 312-441-0077. We offer free, no obligation executive briefings and share the secrets of successful strategy development and execution.