Develop a comprehensive plan and target BI architecture to ensure the success of a business intelligence implementation.

Project Leadership has found that organizations benefit from implementing business intelligence solutions using a phased approach, which manages risk and builds upon early success to create sustainable interest. Our BI Roadmap creates a blueprint for the BI implementation by prioritizing your information needs and grouping them into discrete projects. A target business intelligence architecture is also created, which the organization will migrate to on a gradual basis.


  • Define clear goals and measures of success.
  • Gain visibility into what long-term efforts will be required, which helps with budget and resource planning.
  • Spread out the investment over time.
  • Track progress against a comprehensive business intelligence plan.
  • Our business intelligence services help you turn raw data into useful information.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Business Intelligence Roadmap, please email Kevin O'Connor or call 312-441-0077.