Plan, design and implement a cost effective storage and back-up system to support your entire enterprise.

Project Leadership can help your organization keep enterprise data safe by implementing or managing a secure storage service and disk backup strategy. As the amount of data stored by your organization grows, maintaining a 24-hr backup window becomes a much more complicated task requiring more than just technical expertise. This is where Project Leadership excels. As a business and technology consulting firm, you will get a single organization capable of handling all of your assessment, remediation, implementation and replication data needs. Each project starts with a detailed storage assessment and requirements analysis to identify the most appropriate storage area network. And whether we are building or managing a storage system, our goal is to help you maintain maximized capacity, availability, disaster recovery, disk-to-disk backup, virtual tape libraries and archiving capabilities throughout your entire enterprise with professional storage services.


  • Storage Assessment: Utilize our experts' background and knowledge of storage systems to analyze your current backup system, determine the best products and software to meet your needs, and handle remediation of identified issues.
  • Backup: Implement new storage systems and backup data, or assess current storage systems and provide remediation of issues to ensure system efficiency and adherence to a 24-hr backup window.
  • SAN Design: Design a storage area network to meet the data needs of your business. Optimize the SAN by designing the right media type for the dataset.
  • Information Lifecycle and Compliance: Design archiving solutions to lower overhead costs on your primary SAN. Keep or delete data based upon policies to meet compliance needs.


  • Improve and optimize IT resource utilization for better business performance.
  • Safeguard your organization's information in case of disaster.
  • Enable 24/7 business continuity to improve overall efficiency.
  • Optimize backup policies to ensure data is not backed up multiple times.
  • Implement a backup strategy to minimize backup windows and optimize media rotation.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Storage Services, please email PLA or call 877-752-0451.