Leverage best in class recovery strategies and technology to mitigate risk, minimize downtime as well as revenue loss during a crisis.

Project Leadership can help your organization plan and deploy backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business running during the most challenging crises. Whether it's a power failure, natural disaster, or IT system crash; Project Leadership can help your organization prepare and react to crisis to ensure your business recovers as quickly as possible with minimal interruption and revenue loss. It is also important that a business not only recuperates after a crisis, but also continues to function while the crisis is being resolved. This can be accomplished with preparation in a business continuity disaster recovery plan.


  • Business Impact Analysis: Assess possible small and large-scale crises that may occur, and identify the repercussions they could have on your business, while prioritizing your business values and deciding what is and isn't expendable.
  • Plan Creation: Evaluate your environment, processes, technology and organization to devise a business recovery plan and a business continuity process that is tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify technology, policy and business process risk, then determine mitigation tasks to minimize the likelihood of a disaster occurring, as well as to lessen the effects of a disaster should one occur.
  • Employee Awareness Training: Train employees on how to communicate and then continue working during a disaster with business continuity planning.
  • Life Safety Plan Development: Work in collaboration with building management to ensure best practice evacuation and shelter plans are in place, developed and implemented.
  • Plan Testing: Run drills and crisis scenarios to demonstrate how a plan would be implemented in a real situation, and make necessary adjustments for improved execution during a real challenge.


  • Mitigate technology, policy and business process risk with comprehensive it disaster recovery planning.
  • Minimize downtime in the event of small and large-scale disasters.
  • Ensure business productivity is sustained despite the situation.
  • Make sure your business recovers as quickly as possible because you have an IT disaster recovery plan in place.
  • Improve employee understanding of processes, procedures and responsibilities during challenging times.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Business Continuity Planning (BCP)/Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) services, please email Lee Hovermale or call 713.513.7145.

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