Enhance management, delivery, customization and integration of all your desktop applications with our enterprise application solutions.

Project Leadership, a leader among Microsoft Application Management services providers, can assist customers with SCCM configuration manager and deliver customized and integrated Microsoft applications across the entire enterprise. Keeping pace with ever-changing computing environments, reduced support for older operating systems and applications, and elevated security threats is becoming more challenging by the day. But with Project Leadership's application management solutions and SCCM services, you have an experienced Microsoft partner with advanced gold and silver competencies that is also part of a select inner circle of service providers who get a first look at new software upgrades and developments. This ensures that our clients always stay ahead of the curve on important developments around Microsoft application solutions including Microsoft application virualization.

Our team will work with you to drive standardization across multiple platforms, limit redundancies, reduce delays related to manual processes, and make sure customizations translate across upgrades. Our goal is to attain maximum efficiency across every level of your desktop computing environment, and that translates to better administrative oversight, reduced operational effort, and improved system performance throughout your entire organization.



  • Reduce the uncertainty of compatibility with upgrades
  • Reduce time and effort to bring new applications to users
  • Desktop application virtualization may be an option to improve integration with your line of business applications.
  • Improve user experience and increase IT satisfaction

If you are interested in learning more about Project Leadership's Application Management Solutions, please email Gordon Dunkley or call 312-441-1952.

Markets Served: National availability with service hubs in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Indianapolis.

Partners: Microsoft, Citrix